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dna-strandUnlock your hidden DNA through eating what your body NEEDS and CRAVES.

Lab results include detailed personal eating plan and guide to the amount and type of exercise one should be doing.

dna-dudeLearn the truth of what you have been eating and what you should be.

Taking the guesswork out of dieting is one of the best gifts one can give to themselves or a loved one. So much of what we need is built right into us yet it’s amazing that it has not been readily available and a standard practice from youth on. Maybe someday it will, in the meantime, you can get your DNA kit done very simply and pain free using just a swab of saliva from your inner cheek. This simple DNA test can empower you to aid in your bodies wellness and help prevent some of the chronic diseases of aging through diet and lifestyle. Results from the genetic tests offered provide you with a clear understanding of your genetic profile as it relates to a particular health concern, a summary of the role those genes have on your present health, and steps to improve your future health outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Raw

Lately it has been coming to light that our food isn’t what it seems and that it is actually harming us to the point where we are essentially killing ourselves very slowly while at the same time we are barely living.

Most ailments that so many suffer from on a day by day basis have been directly linked to the impurities in our foods and to having an inbalance of natural flaura & fauna within ourselves.

In a world like this it has become hard to know what is safe to eat and what is not. -Allow Green Goddess Life Coaching’s Tara to guide you through the maze of mistruths to feeling like a whole new you; a healthier, happier,
free you.

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Depending on your interest and goals the following tests are available:

  • Weight Management: learn whether you are more likely to benefit from a low fat, low carbohydrate or balanced diet based on your genetics, as well as the appropriate level of exercise your body needs to burn fat.
  • Nutritional Needs: Identify variations in your genes crucial to your B-vitamin metabolism and the ability to manage oxidative stress.
  • Heart Health: identify your predisposition to heart attack based on inflammation and take steps to lower your risk.
  • Bone Health: identify whether you are more likely to be susceptible to spine fractures and low bone mineral density associated with osteoporosis.

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If you have questions, please call
707-YourDna(968-7362) to connect with a representative

Mission: To provide simplified solutions and resources in achieving optimal health and well being.

Kelly Kearns

Kelly Kearns, CCN. (DNA Diet founder) is committed to Physical Integrity and seeing that people live in alignment with what’s most beneficial to their health and well-being. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist , Personal Trainer and former pro triathlete.

While in clinical practice working with high level executives, entrepreneurs, Dr’s, lawyers and other professionals she found many of the issues they faced along their paths to financial success was due to the physical stresses and dietary choices they were making. As a result she was witness to the devastation that families go through to many times when a loved one becomes ill, incapacitated or dies due to a health concern that could have so easily been avoided with some conscious awareness, understanding and action to take care of what the body needed. This combined with losing her own parents pre-maturely due to unhealthy lifestyle choices fuels her passion to help people understand that ones physical state of being is the the most important part of their life to enjoy success in both their work life and home life.  She has since has helped thousands gain clarity on how to better manage their health, lose and keep off weight, reduce or eliminate the dependency of certain medications, reduce certain health expenses and live a more vibrant and abundant life.

Dr. Helene MalabedDr. Helene Malabed “As a 1st generation Filipina, obtaining my Osteopathic Medical degree in Kansas City, MO,  I have practiced medicine for over 19 years and have treated over 3,000 patients, all over the US, in at least 14 states and have travelled to at least 15 countries.  By experiencing people with diverse backgrounds and experiencing my own health challenges has allowed me to understand and treat my patients without borders or boundaries.  A lot of my patients had Erectile Dysfunction, and I experienced how embarrassed and relationship challenged they were.  Over those years I learned that I have a gift in helping men feel comfortable, especially when it came to their sexuality and how important it was to them, understanding how men look at women, sex and their bodies.

I have had the luxury of being raised by an elderly father, which allowed me to hear and see in a respectful manner about men’s health and their sexuality.  It gave me a great foundation on how to work with men who are struggling with having a fulfilling sex life.  I can understand what they are going through and as a doctor, I can shed light as to what they need to do, to avoid that little blue pill and still be able to get hard and stay hard. When I met the love of my life, I saw what being  stressed out unhealthy, overweight workaholic could do to one’s sex life and relationship.  Sex wasn’t a priority, and intimacy was a challenge, he didn’t want to do anything about it.  I was miserable and heart broken, so I left the marriage.

At that time I found myself at a professional and personal crossroads.  I had learned no matter how passionate or intimate your partner may be, having that little blue pill will eventually fail you ruin, your confidence and create anxiety. Therefore I reinvented myself, and created the Malabed Method for Erectile Dysfunction and men’s sexual health.  So every man and woman can have a lasting vibrant sex life, feel young, and sexually potent again no matter how old you are.life.